This blog is somewhere to spew out my thoughts on coaching and training. And as I back in 2006 had Swedens first blog on CrossFit Training, I might as well have the last blog in a world that has long moved on from writing longer that 280 characters… (despite this one not much on CrossFit)

I am, since 2019 the national coach of the Swedish team in Functional Fitness. I work as an educator, teaching functional training, Olympic lifting and training program design for Eleiko Education both nationally and internationally. I opened Swedens first CrossFit affiliate in 2009 which I still own and operate together with his colleagues.

I have been involved in organizing both local events as well as organizing events like the Regionals, and has coached at all levels in the sport of fitness, including multiple times at the CrossFit Games.

On my spare time I am chasing leg speed and power as I try to overcome all my physical disadvantages relative to the track cyclists I compete against.

Some podcasts where I talk about coaching to listen to (in Swedish)